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Bathroom Floor Tile


Laying out tile

Now the tile layout will depend on the pattern, but you want to lay out the tiles with spacers before you start applying thinset. Keep in mind you want the tiles to be larger pieces when you have to cut, you don't want to end up with a 1" strip along a wall or worse a 1/4" or 1/2" piece that wouldn't look right and be hard to cut without breaking!

They recommend starting in the center and working your way out, remember that the tiles can crack if they are not flat, so if you have a screw that isn't sunk in all the way DON'T step on the tile that is on top of it. Use spacers that can be purchased at a tile supply store or even a big box store like Lowes or Home Depot. The spacers come in different sizes, I used 1/8" for my projects. Layout as many whole tiles that you can and if the pattern works without many small cuts and is appealing to the eye, then you can start cutting the tiles to fill in.

The floors I did where all with an alternating or offset row pattern, so part of what you want to know is what pattern you want. I am not sure about all of the names but the basic grid pattern floor, diamond and the offset rows (which is what I did)


When cutting curves, such as under the toilet, you can cut strips into the tile about 1/4" apart up to your line, then with pliers break away each of the strips.

I used a cheap tile saw from Harbor Freight tools to do the job, but you can also rent a better one from most tool rental shops. The table on this one can be adjusted for an angle cut, but that wasn't necessary for the floors I did.

tile saw for cutting tile


  Cut slow enough not to chip the edges or break the last part when cutting through the tile. You can get an edging block or whatever it is called, from a tile supply store that you can use to soften the edge if it is where it will be stepped on.

tile saw

  There are other tile cutters that you place the tile in and run a scoring wheel across and then you pull a lever applying even pressure to both sides of the tile causing it to break down a straight line. So there are options to cutting the tile. The wet saw I bought allowed for cutting freehand in order to cut slices in order to make curves such as for toilet plumbing.


Back to laying out the tile... once you have it all cut, spaced and fitting nicely it is time for installing the tile.

Next ---> Installing bathroom tile.

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