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Poison Oak

These lovely pictures are the result of coming in contact with poison oak in the fall. I was cutting down a Christmas tree at a tree farm and my hand must have been rubbing a poison oak plant the whole time.

I remember feeling something on my face and seeing mud on the palms of my hands I used the back of my hand to brush whatever it was off of my face.... needless to say I had some blisters on the side of my nose, my cheek and my forehead including my eyelid.

So these pictures are from a week after figuring out that those 3 spots were probably poison oak...  The se first few where taken on December 6th.

poison oak on hand


poison oak blisters

poison oak blister close up

Not too pretty to look at.

Now with some of the healing 2 days later and then the following day looking worse...

Poison oak blisters are just gross!

poison oak blisters

Pay attention to the fingers on the pictures, they have just a few blisters to begin with and while the back of my hand was healing.........

itchy poison oak

The following day the blisters start showing up all over my fingers.

history of poison oak healing

And yes that one on my third finger is a huge ugly blister begging to be popped.

I have been using a spray from herbalife that has vitamin C in it on the back of my hand which seemed to bring down the swelling right away.

poison oak remedy

The next day peeling off the dried up skin.

poison ivy

poison sumac

More about my poison oak fight follow here.

PAGE 2 of poison oak pictures

Just don't let it get so bad that you will need a cremation urn!

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