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1958 VW bus - SOLD

follow this link for another 1958 VW bus that has already been restored - this is a beauty!

This bus is currently for sale - running and switched (mostly) to 12 volt. Not many old VW buses in this good of condition to start a project with, most are rust buckets.


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58 split window vw bus transporter

1958 VW bus for SALE - make an offer

1958 VW Kombi

wide five vintage bus wheels

look Ma - no rust...

a good start with the paint job, although I kind of wish it was white - these old VW buses are just too fun to look at.

You gotta love that shag. Barely used (slightly dusty from sitting in the garage since 1973 though.


How about Wenge door panels. (Wenge is an exotic hardwood.)
It would cost hundreds to buy plywood with wenge on it.

Yes, that is my skateboard. My wife says I'm a little too old for that. The kids find it amusing at the local Skate park to see me on the board.

It was a great VW bus while I had it. Love to drive a late 70's Volkswagen bus again someday. They had more power.

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