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1999 Ford Windstar issues

Now continuing my efforts to debug this bugger...

I went and bought an oil separator from Harbor Freight tools and added this into

the PCV line.  The parts cost around $10. The other option is to buy a new valve cover with the corrected baffle inside to keep oil from coming through. You could also attempt changing the baffle yourself by comparing pictures of the old and new to see the 2 changes I saw. If you have the 3.8 liter Ford in a Mustang, you may find that it has the same issue, I am not sure which years exactly, but somewhere from 1999-2002.

pinging on 99 Ford windstar

The reason is to keep the oil from continuing up to the intake which causes carbon buildup in the intake and cylinders. The carbon buildup can lead to pinging or predetonation by taking up room within the cylinder walls which creates a higher compression ration causing detonation earlier than that which the engine was designed to run at.


oil in pcv ford windstar

You can see a needle valve on this separator which can be drained, however, this should be turned about 90 degrees so that the needle valve is at the lowest point. If you use this method, you will want something below the valve when depressing it to catch the oil. I will probably go and buy some more hose so that I can make it point downward instead of the mostly horizontal direction it is pointing now.  I had used to short pieces I had with the fuel filter I attempted to use (someone else's idea I had read about) that failed to keep the oil from passing though.



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