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Subfloor preparation for tile

Now the next task is to make sure the floor you are working on is solid and stable. I started with the plywood from the original construction in perfect shape, no water damage and the nails tight. If that isn't the case for your job, you will need to repair or replace that first. Make sure you do it right, because you want the tile floor to last and not move or break!

Next, you need to apply the subfloor that will be stable for tile. I used 1/4" cement board designed for this purpose.

You will want to cut and break this stuff like sheetrock. Use a sharp utility knife with a straight edge and I would make a couple of passes to get deep enough to allow it to break fairly clean. You then screw down the sheets with 1" to 1-1/2" screws depending on your floor. Make sure the screw heads are sunk in a bit to keep from putting pressure on tiles later. Make sure you use the right kind of screws, so ask questions when buying them.

Once the subfloor is in and clean you can begin laying out the tile.

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